Knowing your journey

Embarking on any major endeavor brings equal parts excitement and trepidation and of course, inherent challenges. Custom designing and building your own home is a perfect example. At Holst Design + Build, the level of experience, expertise and professionalism of the dedicated team, together with a focus on a strong client relationship, means the challenges are mitigated and the building process becomes a highly enjoyable one.

By providing the best use of resources, cost effective solutions and outstanding quality results, each client has the opportunity to evaluate the complete quantity assessment and detailed cost analysis prior to committing to a project building contract.

Holst Design + Build’s services extend from the initial design meeting and design works approval to the construction phase, project delivery and final quality assessment.

Design Phase

Step 1 – Design Meeting, Project Brief and Concept Design

Step 2 – Design Development

Step 3 – Design Documentation


Building Phase

Step 1 – Detailed Quantity Assessment & Cost Analysis

Step 2 – Building Contract

Step 3 – Project Construction

Step 4 – Project Delivery